Our job is to learn what you are doing and help you do it better.

Exeris delivers custom solutions to support manufacturing of small molecules and recombinant proteins. We bring our project management, manufacturing and custom synthesis expertise to provide seamless supply to your project.

Exeris is a privately owned sales agency and chemical distributor representing custom chemical manufacturers.
Many of the challenges in the field of custom synthesis are present also in the field of biologics.
We focus on customized solutions for risk reduction and security of supply.

“People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole”

– T. Levitt

About us

Exeris is focused on customized solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Having developed exclusive partnerships with a portfolio of manufacturers, Exeris is able to reliably establish a competitive and secure supply of intermediates.

  • Partnership with manufacturers
  • Production efficiency through continuous process optimization
  • Lean organization

Exeris has decades of project management experience and deploys Person in Plant (PIP) with full authority.

  • Project management and implementation
  • Timely communication flow
  • Proactive problem solving, scenario & contingency planning

Our Team in Nanjing.

  • We are in position to identify the right manufacturer for each project (see article).
  • On the ground for pre-audits to ensure the quality of the plant, business processes and the logistics.
  • Our team in Nanjing develops and maintains strong relationships with our partners.
  • GMP and non-GMP audits can be performed for our projects and also as a service to our customers.
  • Detailed monitoring of project progress through Development and into Production

Choose Exeris for new products.

  • In-house cost calculation as reference for fast and detailed feedback
  • Development as alternative to sourcing

Single-sourced products.

  • Solutions on exclusive basis, independent from existing sources

Make or buy analysis.

  • Reliable partner for realistic assessment of costs
  • No competition on downstream products